Let the Journey Begin!

Great effort here. Discipline and committment! Plus you get to lose it in lycra!


Welcome to my blog and first post!

I’ve always been into fitness and competition. I was a gymnast for 12 years and since then, i’ve become a personal trainer, ran 2 marathons (completed 1), 3 half marathons, a couple of warrior dashes and countless 5ks. I also played every intramural sport possible in college.

I’ve always loved being in something competitive and pushing myself, but even after everything i’ve tried, I haven’t found my “niche”. I miss competing and miss doing something I can just kick ass in as far as training and competition.

This series of posts over the next couple months will mostly revolve around my newest adventure…. I’ve decided to enter in a NPC bikini competition.


This isn’t me….. but that’s the kind of transformation we’re lookin’ at here. Its May 10th in Tulsa, Oklahoma and its called “Battle of the Bodies” I know its crazy. Basically…

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Marginal gains and gross indecency – The ugly side of a beautiful sport

Lycra is for everyone. You just need to have a bit of courage and not worry about other peoples issues.