Unitard KEE Suits – London Lycra Unitards with an edge

Watch the girls rock in their KEE suits in action in this video clip.


ACKEE 'KEE SUIT' Half Green/ Black Geometric Patterned Lycra/ Spandex Handmade Unitard

Hand made in London and retailing for around the $100 mark – one of a kind unitard to rock to the gym, dance or bike. These are too cool just to wear at home!






Dynamite Samba Leggings – Lovely Green Samba Lycra!

Great workout gear from Dynamite

Know how to shake it and lose it in lycra with Dynamite


Awesome prints and energy from Dynamite in Brazil.



Chinese Aerobics Love

Some uplifting beats, aerobics and unitards – thanks Mon Journal

Booty Burn

Move it or lose it. Nice work out for your bum!



Today’s workout is designed to challenge your rear end from every angle – and true to it’s name, you will feel the burn! You can do this workout with or without weights. I like to get something heavy in there to intensify the challenge. Repeat this circuit 2-4 times, depending on the intensity you are looking for. Make sure that when attempting any squats or lunge movements, you do not let your knees move past your toes. Make sure to always trace your feet with your knees, meaning they are both pointing the same direction during these movements. In the plie squat hops, make sure to tuck your tailbone and keep your shoulders pulled back, with your back straight. I chose a 5 minute jump rope interval warm up, as well as 30 minutes of foam rolling and stretching to cool down.





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