Aerobics Video – Bodyheat (UK)

Dr. Martica Heaner


Body Heat (UK) was a popular Aerobics TV and Video series, which Martica Heaner starred in a daily UK fitness show  on LIVE TV.

It aired June 1998-Nov 1999; reruns currently airing on UK digital TV.

As you can see from the photo above, there are clear benefits in exercising regularly.

The 1980’s and 1990’s were a time where exercise fashion new no limits.

There were plenty of men and women exercising in lycra and spandex – actually not exercising in lycra (when everyone else was doing so) was frowned upon.

How times have changed, over the past 20 or so years!

Dr. Martica Heaner has written several books and regularly consults on health, fitness and nutrition.

Below are two workout videos, showcasing the aerobic exercises, featuring the attire from the 1980’s and 1990’s.

These workouts commonly feature:

  • Bike Shorts & Bras for Women
  • Leotards for women and men
  • Unitards
  • Biketards

In a range of colours and styles.

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My boyfriend tried Hoop and Silk!

Mens pole dancing a great post from Polehigh from 2013. The power strength and agility can only be admired. Thanks Polehigh


IMG_0372 I like the idea of Phil trying out the hoop and silk for many reasons. Firstly, I think it’s cool for him to try something few men would dare. The mere fact that he has to wear tights and hold awkward poses in front of other people is difficult enough.

Also I like him to have an idea of what I do in the studio so that he’ll know what to tell other people if they asked. He can help a lot in this changing-poledancing-hoop-silk-mindsets-campaign.

Third, I want him to have a bit of background so that in the future, he can help me out when I do some stunts. While I think it’s farfetched, there’s still that little hope that he’d love it and he’d be a regular and he’d be my partner in the future but let us not get carried away!IMG_2015IMG_0379IMG_2030


Anyway, I think he pulled it…

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Where do I buy male leotards?

For those who seek the ultimate freedom of movement, the leotard and or the biketard is second to none. But where do you buy one and what should you look for?

Both womens and mens nylon lycra and cotton lycra leotards  can be bought online or at dance stores. There are many styles to choose from, including the biketard cut to the cheeky thong cut.

Such as the photo above at Eleve Dancewear, and the gallery below.

Personally I believe fit and comfort take priority. If you can’t go to the store, you need to make sure you will fit into it. Many suppliers will make you a custom lycra leotard or biketard, providing you are prepared to wait a few weeks and supply your measurements.

Usually each designer will ask you to measure your bust, waist and then the girth (length between the groin to top of the shoulder).



For vintage lycra male leotards they can be difficult to obtain, mainly due to the fact that they were around int he 1970’s and 1980’s, but there were more women’s leotards made.

However with some shopping around on or a quick search of, you can pick up a good quality leotard which will keep your workouts interesting.

The problem with male leotards is that they have such low demand for funky wayout colours that manufacturers only put out blacks, blues and browns. See below.

When you compare the range and type of leotards for women, its a good thing that leotards can be unisex and can be worn by men, women and children. There is a slight difference between male and female leotards, being the additional fabric in the front pouch area. However, if you are wearing lycra shorts or gym shorts over them, no one is none the wiser.

80’s Fitness – Miss South Africa 2014

Stacey Holland transports us  back to the 1980s with bright legwarmers and leotards. From Miss South Africa 2014.

These young women would not remember the 1980’s aerobics craze – however they do a fine job at impressing the judges.

Kiana Tom – Ab & Core Workout

I must say I am a huge fan of Kiana Tom.

Kiana is a regular Lose It In Lycra afficionado, sporting lycra leotards, lycra shorts, unitards, briefs and crop tops from the 1990’s to today.

This video taken from her Flex Time morning exercise show, in the 1990’s.

This video runs for 10 minutes and highlights some common exercises you can do at the gym to improve your core and abs.

Some useful tips, outlined in the video:

  • Start slowly
  • Work your way up in the weights,
  • Learning the correct form for the exercise you are doing
  • Don’t forget to cool down and stretch

My number one goal is to avoid injury – so its not uncommon that I start off really slowly, support my wrist and strap it up so as not to aggravate a previous wrist injury.

We hope you have a happy workout you lose it in lycra!

Chris Aerobics – Making It Look Easy in Lycra

I’ve recently met Chris from Chris Aerobics, a low impact exercise site aimed to help people get fit and fun with the 1980’s inspired leotard and unitard fashion.

Chris likes to lose it in lycra and we have worked out together recently.

I wanted to showcase some of Chris’s passion for the 1970’s and 1980’s fitness and his love of male leotards.

I caught up with Chris and asked him how he got into leotards…”Leotards were pretty normal back in the 1980’s, when I was young I would often see men and women in Leotards working out”

I was originally born in New York City in the early 80’s and growing up as a little boy in the 80’s, I got fascinated with people doing aerobics whilst wearing leotards and etc.!  Boy I was hooked on it and got addicted that I put on my little leotard and started doing aerobics when I was a toddler! And I still do aerobics today, of course I usually will wear my leotards, leg warmers, etc., which is my selling point of ChrisAerobics! 😉  Of course I’ll wear modern workout clothes too, but not as often!

All that pulsating synthesized music and both men and ladies of all ages, kids included wearing leotards and dancing and pumping iron attracted me to this craze that became a passion of mine which I will keep for life!  And believe me, ChrisAerobics will have all of that good stuff!  ChrisAerobics is a real blast from the past, along with a sweet and lifelong trip down memory lane!

It was my dream ever since growing up as a kid then to teach aerobics like many of my role models and a few years back, I finally started doing just that!  I put out my first video on YouTube and people love it!  Heck I get some faithful ChrisAerobics doers!!! 🙂  YAY! 😀

I hope to teach actual aerobics classes in person soon!!!  With exciting music and fun exercises that everybody of all ages can do, you’ll fall in love with ChrisAerobics!

I always teach with a very caring, friendly, and enthusiastic personality that is sure to make for an exciting workout!  I hope you enjoy ChrisAerobics for life!  Thank you and bless you always!

Chris Kennedy –

You will see that Chris has an assortment of male unitards, unisex bodysuits, unisex leotards and male lycra workout gear.

If you are male or female and want to work out with Chris Aerobics you can check out his video trailer or get in contact with Chris below:

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Great swimsuit – which could easily double as a leotard for the gym or beach workout. Men could also quite easily fit into this suit, as there are several larger sizes available.

Check it out and lose it in lycra!

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