Working Out in Lycra

The best lycra workouts include lycra leotards, unitards and sweat.

People – if theres no sweat, you are not raising your heart rate high enough to burn that fat and keep that muscle lean.

See below:

Kiana Tom – Flex Time (USA)

Aerobicise (USA)

Body Heat (UK)

Aerobics Oz Style (AU)

Once again – its fun to lose it in lycra!

One thought on “Working Out in Lycra

  1. Paul it’s Chris Kennedy from ChrisAerobics! I have the pleasure of being Martica Heaner’s dear friend! She is so sweet and awesome! 🙂 Bless her and you always! 🙂 I recently saw her for the second time in New York City where she teaches aerobics.

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