Geektastic Elastic Leggings Are Too Hot To Handle

Themed Leggings for your everyday galactic adventures

Gabbing Geek


Like ZZ Top once said, She’s got legs, and she knows how to use them. Especially when they are covered with amazing geek leggings that are adorned with the Battlestar Galactica Starbuck emblem, or the Star Wars Rebel Alliance, or even the Star Trek Federation insignia. Thanks to Etsy shop owner DeelaDesigns, there are so many to choose from. Now you just have to find your favorite after the break. And – if you don’t like leggings, then Deela as skirts too! Win!

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ElleStyles is Bringing Sexy Back

Nice article – lycra was always sexy. Check it out

The Style Trenches

Elle Styles

Summer is in the air and summer always reminds me of partying and dancing at the clubs, and if you’re going to have a fun sexy night out or in, you’re going to need the right dress for the occasion. While browsing, I learned about ElleStyles, which is a  cool website to find the hottest dresses and accessories.

ElleStyles is the go to place to find everything you need to help you look and feel sexy at really affordable prices. On the site, you can find dresses for clubbing or a date; you can also find swimwear, sexy costumes, lingerie and accessories. I personally have never seen one website that offers all of the above, and this is why I wanted to bring it to your attention.

This website is really well thought out and cleverly anticipates a buyers needs. Very often, if…

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Ten Beautiful Leotards Guaranteed to Make You Stand Out

Great advice for those who wish to stand out from the crowd

En Pointe Fashion

Every dancer loves being able to buy new dance wear. Here are ten gorgeous leotards perfect for the ballerina who’s not afraid to stand out.

1. Xiao Xiao Designs High Neck Leotard

Xiao xiao designs

En Pointe Fashion favourite, Xiao xiao designs has this beautiful high neck leotard available. The bow at the back adds something unexpected. This is definitely for the ballet sophisticates!

Get it here

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Fancy pants – why wear padded riding shorts?

Great article on padded bike pants or bike shorts – definitely worth wearing on long rides. Buy a few pairs if you are considering riding daily – your bum will thank you!

Curved S-seams, lycra, flat seams, chamois, high rise rear fit, elasticated cuffs, 3D anatomical shaping, multi-level foam construction, anti-bacterial finish… sound like an engineering project?  No just padded riding shorts.

As with most things riding related the choices here are endless…baggy, short, long, 3/4, summer, winter, reflective…

So whats important and why should you wear them?  Its all about comfort and protection…  a common theme in riding and important when you begin to ride for longer distances or more frequently.  A lot of design work has gone into the chamois (padded) part of these shorts. Where the padding is and isn’t, just like your perfect bike seat, and it means the best possible outcome for where your body comes into contact with the bike – like gloves for your hands and shoes for your feet.

Range of different chamois shapes Range of different chamois shapes.

So why are they so tight?  Well that padded bit…

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5 Tips to Maximize Your Workouts

Great tights – love the contrast. Oh.. and the workout tips are good too. Thanks for blogging. regards LL.


For my workouts over the past 4 months I have been following Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. Despite having been a keen gym-goer for the past 5 years or so, since starting the guide I have seen dramatic improvements in both my strength and cardio fitness. The best part is I actually spend less time at the gym than ever before!

Here are 5 tips that I use to get more out of my workouts:

  1. Switch up your routine

FullSizeRender (1) TRX Mountain Climbers

Although repeating your favourite exercises may give you some results to begin with, after a few weeks the muscles will become accustomed to them. This means that you are likely to burn less energy performing them and you may not see the results that you were hoping for. You may also begin to find the exercises easier, making your workouts less challenging both mentally and physically. For…

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Torres Swimwear from Glasgow.


If you didn’t already know, i have a love for all things Rebecca Torres. She is a Glasgow super talent when it comes to fashion. She just gets the female form. So, when i saw she was venturing into swimwear i squealed a little. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of these babies!


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Triathletes changing at the beach

Nice lycra

London Lycra Guy

I’m back in London now so time to catch up on some blogging. So in an earlier post during the an early morning visit to the local beach this morning there were two chaps that were worth a mention here as they were living the Lycra Dream.The temperature was going to be in the mid 30’s so everyone was out at the crack of dawn to get their exercise in before the heat of the day kicked in so as Dad and I approached the beach there were quite a few cyclist we had passed and so I was hopeful of seeing some Speedos or Cycling Lycra when we actually got to the foreshore and beach itself.As we passed the main café at our end of the beach and crossed the top car park I could see that the bottom car park was about half full and a few…

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Functional Training – work harder, train smarter

Functional Training and Lycra. Great style with the silver tights and black top. Thanks Pick Of The Basket!

The Pick Of The Basket


Functional Training?
Training has a function – besides building up muscles? Yes, it definitely has!

I am doing workout in gyms for several years by now. Sometime more effectively, sometimes less. It is only natural that I first had to build up knowledge, before being able to train efficiently. Unluckily you either have to be motivated to do a lot of research on your own or to meet the right people at the right time, that are happy to share their knowledge with you.

I was lucky enough to have both of it, self-motivation and a pool of good trainers that were delighted to pass me over some “tips and tricks”.

Starting training at the age of 15 years I can look back onto 4 years of constant training – okay, little exception, during my year abroad in France I had to insert a break and start almost from the beginning afterwards…

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What Leotard Should I Buy? Finding Your Colors & Body Shape Video

Great advice on your body shape and leotard. If you’re not really sure what sort of leotard might fit or look best – check out this video for some excellent advice on colour and style of leotard that may suit your body type and skin tone.

Kathryn Morgan

In this video you will learn what colors work for you and your skin tone and what body shape you have. Do you have warm or cool skin and what is your color palette? What is your shape? I hope this will make it easier to buy both ballet leotards and regular clothes.

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