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What Is Lose It In Lycra?

  • This site is dedicated to those of us who like wearing and working out in Lycra (and I know you are out there!)
  • It’s my site where I share my love for all things Lycra with others who have the same interest.
  • I’ve often like to exercise in Lycra and spandex due to the unique freedom and flexibility feeling you get from wearing Lycra.

So Why the Name ‘Lose It In Lycra?

  • The meaning is that you can lose yourself and feel free by wearing Lycra and also if you are a little chubby you can lose some weight as well.
  • You can’t hide in Lycra – so if you have love handles get into the Lycra and workout gently and melt that weight away.

You can’t / shouldn’t wear Lycra in Public?

  • There are many people who are too scared to wear spandex unitards, Lycra leotards, Lycra bike pants, Lycra tights and other variations.
  • Lycra Fabric has revolutionized everyday fashion – its in everything from bike pants and underwear to bras and suits – so you are probably wearing it now and don’t even know it!

Leotards Can’t be Worn by Men (Are You Gay?)

  • In general, unless its uncomfortable – Lycra leotards are unisex and were even invented by a man, Jules Leotard.
  • Male dancers wear leotards and biketards
  • Wrestlers wear biketards
  • Elite athletes wear Tri-Suits, which are no more than unitards with minimal padding
  • There is no evidence that clothing can change or predict your sexuality.

 Typical Sports Which Lycra is used and Often Compulsory:

  • Cycling
  • Gymnastics
  • Triathlon
  • Wrestling
  • Ballet / Dance
  • Aerobics / FISAF
  • Yoga

So enjoy the site, take a look around and perhaps buy some lycra exercise wear from our links.

If you are a business who is interested in working with us – drop us an email at lycraluva@gmail.com


  • I acknowledge all copyright,  and sources of images (unless I cannot find them)
  • However, if I have used your image and you wish for me to remove it, I will gladly do so. You can contact me at lycraluva AT gmail.com

Medical / Fitness Disclaimer

  • I am not health or medical professionals – so before exercising in general, get a medical professional’s opinion if you have doubts as to your personal health and fitness.
  • Be kind to yourself – try not to buy lycra that is too tight unless its for compression wear!



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