Fancy pants – why wear padded riding shorts?

Great article on padded bike pants or bike shorts – definitely worth wearing on long rides. Buy a few pairs if you are considering riding daily – your bum will thank you!

Curved S-seams, lycra, flat seams, chamois, high rise rear fit, elasticated cuffs, 3D anatomical shaping, multi-level foam construction, anti-bacterial finish… sound like an engineering project?  No just padded riding shorts.

As with most things riding related the choices here are endless…baggy, short, long, 3/4, summer, winter, reflective…

So whats important and why should you wear them?  Its all about comfort and protection…  a common theme in riding and important when you begin to ride for longer distances or more frequently.  A lot of design work has gone into the chamois (padded) part of these shorts. Where the padding is and isn’t, just like your perfect bike seat, and it means the best possible outcome for where your body comes into contact with the bike – like gloves for your hands and shoes for your feet.

Range of different chamois shapes Range of different chamois shapes.

So why are they so tight?  Well that padded bit…

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