Competitive Swimwear Innovations – Flashes Of Colour With Jaked

Great technology behind this pro swimwear range. I’d be interested to know if anyone has tried it out in the field!

ProSwimwear Blog

“…I absolutely love it! The compression is perfect for racing in, but better than that I really stand out poolside. It’s different to any other suit I have seen and the colours are just amazing.” – Celia, ProSwimwear Customer (15/08/14)

Professional swimwear brand Jaked are responsible for one of the fastest racing bodysuits ever created, the suit was subsequently banned after new FINA regulations in 2010 but Jaked have kept up with the times and continue to innovate and push boundaries in the professional swimwear market. blog-04

The Jaked J-Katana competition swimsuit was released in 2013 causing a stir in the professional swimming community. These new racing swimsuits were not only available in a variety of bold and striking colours but also shimmered and sparkled in the water. This was all thanks to high tenacity multi-coloured woven yarns used to make the suits. The effect was that of an iridescent or…

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