Swimsuit Buyers Guide – Men’s Swimwear Styles

Perhaps you need a new swimsuit – check these suggestions out, whether you like the traditional ‘speedo’ variety, or the swim bike pants called ‘jammmers’. The only thing missing is the traditional men’s one piece swim suit, which is great for those guys who don’t have a 6 pack or have scars or burns on their abdomen. I can’t seem to find many men’s one piece swim suits, email me at lycraluva at gmail dot com if you do come across any. Thanks in advance LL.

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When it comes to buying a swimming costume there are many factors to consider. What will you be using your new swimsuit for? Will it be used once a day, once a week, or more like once a month? Do you need it for leisure swimming, training/fitness or racing? And then there’s the vast amount of different styles, colours and swimwear materials to choose from, it can all be a little overwhelming. But don’t fear, ProSwimwear is here to help explain the ins and outs of buying swimwear. These guides will help you figure out what sort of swimsuit to purchase for your needs.

jammers-leisureSo lets start with men’s swimwear. Nowadays men are not constricted to wearing traditional “Speedo” style swim briefs at the pool, there are many different swimwear styles to choose from that apply to a range of different purposes.

Swim Jammers are tightly fitting knee length swim…

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Competitive Swimwear Innovations – Flashes Of Colour With Jaked

Great technology behind this pro swimwear range. I’d be interested to know if anyone has tried it out in the field!

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“…I absolutely love it! The compression is perfect for racing in, but better than that I really stand out poolside. It’s different to any other suit I have seen and the colours are just amazing.” – Celia, ProSwimwear Customer (15/08/14)

Professional swimwear brand Jaked are responsible for one of the fastest racing bodysuits ever created, the suit was subsequently banned after new FINA regulations in 2010 but Jaked have kept up with the times and continue to innovate and push boundaries in the professional swimwear market. blog-04

The Jaked J-Katana competition swimsuit was released in 2013 causing a stir in the professional swimming community. These new racing swimsuits were not only available in a variety of bold and striking colours but also shimmered and sparkled in the water. This was all thanks to high tenacity multi-coloured woven yarns used to make the suits. The effect was that of an iridescent or…

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How To Wear: Coloured Tights

For all the information you ever wanted to know about wearing tights – great advice – thanks Cupcakes and Totes,

Cupcakes And Totes


The other day I walked into a cute little store and found these wonderful purple tights. After purchasing them, I rushed them home only to discover I had absolutely no idea what to wear them with. After hours on the computer, I finally created an outfit while developing the idea for this post.

Purple Tights:


In order to pull off purple tights, It’s important to not wear too much purple. A splash of colour is fine but too much purple can leave you looking like a beetroot. It’s also important not to wear too much or any of a colour such as blue or green that will clash with the purple. Light colours such as tan, white and brown are soft enough to not clash with the purple and creates a sweet, feminine look. If you’re feeling bold, mustard yellow and red can create a dazzling combination.

Blue Tights:


Dark blue rights…

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Wrestling Singlets & Unitards and Sprinkes the Cat

Sprinkles the Cat Wrestling Singlet bluechip wrestling 

This wrestling singlet, affectionately titled “Sprinkles the Cat Wrestling Singlet” is a 100% sublimated wrestling singlet, made from a durable lycra / nylon combination.

This lycra exercise wear, although traditionally used for wrestling can be unisex and used for a variety of sports where comfort and ease of movement is important.

The wrestling singlet, retails for $74.95 from bluechip wrestling and is hand made in the USA.

Why not consider using this wrestling singlet as a unitard in order to add some pounce to your workout:

In the gym (weights /cardio)

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Yoga / Stretching

Sprinkles in Action – www.randomrocker.co.uk

Is the Wrestling Singlet in Trouble?

Great article on the wrestling singlet. Traditionally wrestling was nude – the modern wrestling singlet combines function and form to reveal an athletic competitor’s raw power. Thanks to singlets and stuff for the content and post.

Singlets and Stuff

2012 Team USA Media Summit

The singlet…the modern uniform and arguably the most recognizable aspect of amateur wrestling (folkstyle, freestyle, and greco-roman).  However, the sport may be getting a new look in the coming years, which may not include the iconic one-piece.

Ever since the IOC (International Olympic Committee) announced the removal of wrestling from the 2020 Olympics in February of last year, it sparked a wildfire of wrestlers, fans, and supporters from across the globe.  It also shook up the governing body of FILA ( Fédération Internationale des Luttes Associées or International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles), who replaced their president and started to put forth proposals to help “modernize” the sport as well as make it more appealing to the masses.

Some proposed changes include modifications to the scoring system to award more aggressive wrestlers and prevent long boring matches prevailed by clinching.  A different mat color to appeal better to television viewers, is…

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