Five fitness tips from our stateside sisters

Well thought out blog – some interesting comparisons on exercise and exercise fashion – being lycra and spandex workout gear. Thanks for the post.

by Charlotte M. Mcgarry

Having spent the last few weeks in the USA, I’ve become acutely aware of a number of differences between British and American culture. From which side of the road to drive on (the right) to the name of fried potato discs (chips) and what to expect from sales assistants (perma smiles and over-eager involvement in your shopping experience).  But most importantly for me was observing how Americans – more specifically, Californians – view and interact with their health and lifestyle choices.
There is an entirely different culture surrounding healthy living in LA.  Here, the outlook on exercise and healthy living is much more embracing and open-minded than in the UK. Eating well is exciting and cool -people will queue for ages to try the new kale and goji smoothie! –  and the daily workout is something to look forward to, not dread.  Cali girls have a completely different perspective on health and fitness to us Brits, and I think there are some valuable lessons to be…

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