Rookie Error or Manly Choice?

Great pic of a ‘strongman’.

As I have turned the pedal, so to speak, there is now the important task of getting the right kit. It’s always a delicate balance between ‘All the gear and no idea’ and having a few essentials to make the initial training more bearable. Mrs RC didn’t see my need for a brand new road bike, but we did agree the need on proper padding to protect the Crown Jewels.

So, bibs or shorts. After a long ‘training conversation’ with Fingers over the World Cup Final I was advised to purchase bibs.

To those of you who are as new to this as me, I would best describe these as a item of clothing worn by a Victorian Strongman. Eugene Sandow, Victorian Strongman

They won’t ride down and reveal your arse

There were other reasons, chaffing was mentioned, comfort was considered, however the revealing of the backside was enough of a reason…

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