Sporty Sewing

Love these DIY leotards. Lose It In Lycra.

What Gladys Wore

So over on did you make that there’s a sporty sewing competition on. It coincided perfectly with my first aerial hoop performance at Spin City. The aerial showcase had a heroes and villains theme, so my sporty sew has a slight superhero vibe and “Stitcherella” was born!

It’s a straight sew of the KwikSew 3661 leotard. My first leotard. The first one I’ve worn since I was about 11! I had wanted to get a Jalie one, but the KwikSew got good reviews and there was a 40% off sale. And I wanted to make leggings too (even though I do need to lengthen this pattern to do it) and I was super excited to get started and didn’t want to wait for the Jamie to arrive…so impatient !

The leotard is a black spandex swimwear fabric with a 2 layer ripped leopard jersey and mesh underlay for arms.

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