Find Your Fitness Edge with Splits59

Never boring – lots of nice colours – be seen and have fun.


Tired of the same old black workout gear? Spice up your fitness routine with our new favorite workout line full of color POW, the beautifully crafted, fashionable Splits59! Each piece is designed to inspire you to find your edge!

1941456_10152768548851542_1130746318_o Photo credit:

I feel bold and confident in my bright green 3/4 length tights, my red Nova Trailblazer Performance Capris with a low rise snug fit and sexy sporty lamé detailing, and my white Harmony Expression Pullover splash painted just on top, perfect for cool LA mornings and chillier evenings. Soft French terry is the pullover’s canvas for individually hand “dripped” color prints that are unique from garment to garment. Each one-of-a-kind piece ensures that your Harmony is truly YOURS.

1622884_10152664351081542_1251988460_n Photo credit:

Their best-selling Sabrina silky tank is also one of my favs because it is super cute and lightweight. When I am spinning and sweating, it lets…

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