Prints On Prints On Prints: The Best Patterned Swimsuits From Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Swim (PHOTOS)

Great colourful prints.

Global Grind

Mara Hoffman Swim - Backstage -Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Swim just wrapped this week, and it was all about prints on prints on prints. From wild animal prints to psychedelic retro ones, the runway was decked out in eye-catching and jaw-dropping swimsuits. Some failed to meet expectations, but others met all that and more.

Get your summer body workout on and check out some of the designers who succeeded with flying colors, and take note on which prints will inspire your beach style next season.

For the most part, everyone was talking about Mara Hoffman‘s swimwear. The designer honed in on her hippie vibes to come up with a psychedelic collection that exploded with retro prints. Using a lot of purples, pinks, and neons, the designer created one-pieces and bikinis with patterns that sort of resembled kaleidoscopes.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015 Official Coverage - Best Of Runway Day 3Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim 2015 Official Coverage - Best Of Runway Day 3Maaji Swimwear was another designer that rocked the runway with some amazing prints. A little less intense than Hoffman’s…

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Rookie Error or Manly Choice?

Great pic of a ‘strongman’.

As I have turned the pedal, so to speak, there is now the important task of getting the right kit. It’s always a delicate balance between ‘All the gear and no idea’ and having a few essentials to make the initial training more bearable. Mrs RC didn’t see my need for a brand new road bike, but we did agree the need on proper padding to protect the Crown Jewels.

So, bibs or shorts. After a long ‘training conversation’ with Fingers over the World Cup Final I was advised to purchase bibs.

To those of you who are as new to this as me, I would best describe these as a item of clothing worn by a Victorian Strongman. Eugene Sandow, Victorian Strongman

They won’t ride down and reveal your arse

There were other reasons, chaffing was mentioned, comfort was considered, however the revealing of the backside was enough of a reason…

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Wheel Women of Australia

Wheel women of Australia – custom lycra knicks and gear


Australia: Melbourne:



A social cycling group for women in the inner city area.

July 26th :

So you missed out on last night’s social night? We’ll offer the same prices on orders for any of the gear until SUNDAY.
But we won’t be placing the price list here, you need to email us!

So much GORGEOUS stuff! I’m getting the black and pink Kask helmet, how about you?

See More

Salice glasses in cycling style r wayfarer styles, plus a bunch more (any Salice style you like), Kask helmets in any colour you like in Rapido, 50NTA or Mojito styles, Northwave shoes in any style you like and BBB gear in most styles...oh, and try the Selle SMP saddles too!

Tickets $15 at:

whee women coffee function
Wheel Women: Gear up…get social!
So you got a little addicted to Le Tour on the tv, or maybe you just couldn’t care less about it! Well, whatever you think about it, let’s celebrate the end of it at our Annual Wheel Women Social Night! Eat, drink, feast your eyes on some great bike gear and goodies, ask the…
Wheel Women clothing for sale



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Worth checking out Ms Fitness’s great coordinate lycra and workout attire. Great combination with the silver jacket, mesh top and tights. Thanks for the post Ms Fitness!


Fitness On Toast Faya Blog Beautiful Day Blue Sky Grazia Fashion Fitness Girl Look SS14 Monreal Vevie Nike Asics Sweaty Betty Gym-2GAP

Just a quick Fitness Fashion post in response to the emails I’ve had asking for details on the Grazia outfit. I was asked to put something together comprising SS14 collection pieces, so I reached out to some of my favourite sports apparel brands for their new collection pieces to feature. Here’s an inventory:

JACKET: Nike ‘All Over Flash’ Women’s Running Jacket, available now HERE
SPORTS BRA: Sweaty Betty ‘Stamina’ Sports Bra in Lime Green, will be available from
TOP: Monreal wide-mesh cotton sports top with Lime Green trim, will be available from
LEGGINGS: Vevie ‘Brunswick’ satin ruche, as I’d featured in this previous post  and available HERE
BAG: Sports bag, £850, Monreal London, will be available from
SHOES: Gel-Super J33, £100, Asics, will be available from

And for anyone wondering about the other shoes I was wearing which they’d featured, the fabulous rainbow-multicoloured ones, they’re Asics Gel-Noosa Tri…

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Excellent post from Fitness on Toast. Great photos of the author in lycra, running, cycling and generally being fit and eating well. This post has some great photos of Ms Fitness in Lisbon, Portugal.


Fitness on Toast Faya Blog Girl Healthy Workout Trip O2 Travel Tariff World Portugal Lisbon Cascais Yoga Hike Bridge Bike Under Armour Speedform Shoes Outfit OOTD WIWT Fashion Blog Post Healthy Recipe Cooking-18GAP

As you may have seen from my Twitter and Instagram feeds, last weekend I was in Lisbon for a fabulous blog trip in partnership with O2 Travel, and I discovered a true European gem! I’d been set a series of active and cultural challenges to complete; a city cycle, a 5k run, a winding hike, a harbour-side Yoga class, as well as cookery classes, a fresh market tour and some extensive sampling of the local fare. Having met my challenges head-on, I now understand why this is Europe’s #1 city break destination – and what a fabulous & sporty way to discover a city’s charming character! Read my full account, with plenty of lovely pictures, HERE

Fitness on Toast Faya Blog Girl Healthy Workout Trip O2 Travel Tariff World Portugal Lisbon Cascais Yoga Hike Bridge Bike Under Armour Speedform Shoes Outfit OOTD WIWT Fashion Blog Post Healthy Recipe Cooking-COMPILATIONGAP

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EidJanna 2014 ; PRINT

For those of the faith consider a full lycra Juba!


Realeasing our 1st Raya Collection; EidJanna 2014 – the PRINT
We have in multi design and colour. (Not to mention; in various size too)
All come in simple & modest look with an affordable price.

Purchase through Whatsapp; 019.224 5212, Email: or Facebook/tilljanna.


Collection : EidJanna 2015 ; PRINT
Name : Black Paisley
Design      : Princess Cut
Material : High Quality Lycra
Size Available : M and L  [AVAILABLE]
Price : RM160


Collection : EidJanna 2015 ; PRINT
Name : Brown Paisley
Design : Princess Cut
Material : high Quality Lycra
Size Available : L  [ Size M already SOLD OUT]
Price : RM160


Collection : EidJanna 2015 ; PRINT
Name : Red Paisley
Design : Princess Cut
Material : High Quality Lycra
Size Available : [ All SOLD OUT  – Size M and L ]
Price : RM160


Collection : EidJanna 2015 ; PRINT

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Throw Down: Lycra or No Lycra

Great article about what to wear while biking covering a diverse set of views. Thanks for the post Performance Bicycle.

Performance Bicycle Blog

To wear or not to wear, that is the question. Few things seem to divide cycling tribes quite as much as lycra clothing. While for some, a pair of padded bike shorts and a zip up jersey are necessities, for others they are an eye sore that carries certain connotations with it. To be certain, lycra isn’t for everyone—and choosing to wear it or not to wear it is a personal choice.

As with most debates, neither side is right or wrong, necessarily. For the sake of argument though, let’s take a look at some of the pro’s and con’s of lycra.

Lycra is something most riders find a lot of benefit in...but not everyone Lycra is something most riders find a lot of benefit in…but not everyone


  • Super Comfortable: There’s no two ways about it, properly fitting lycra shorts and a good jersey are some of the most comfortable clothing you’ll ever wear
  • Feeling Fast: Wearing lycra can make you feel…

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Primark – Facing my Fears

Bargain Lycra shopping. Nice finds and your sense of styling works well too!

The iLL sessions


First of all I’d like to thank Kayson for my £20 Primark voucher card and for setting me the task of going in to Primark, finding something I like, giving an honest review afterwards and not killing myself or anybody else while I’m in there, I set myself that bit. Considering my hatred for the places it sounds like mission impossible, but I thought I’d give it a go and today was the day…

It’s hot out today, I haven’t dressed particularly well, I’ve got shorts on but also a semi heavy Tommy Hilfiger shirt which I would have worn anyway even if I had of planned for it to be this hot because I’ve completely fallen in love with it. It’s also the day before Parklife, that means lots of people needing clothes that they don’t mind getting ruined in the forecast crappy weather which is going to generate…

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