Crazy Lycra – We Love You

Methow Ski Rodeo X-country free style. Mazama, Washington, USA. Both 1st and 2nd place medal winners are in this photo. 

Courtesy of  Vals Customised

Courtesy of  Vals Customised


This website has some crazy lycra prints, which will ensure you are seen.

They manufacture in crazy print lycra and or spandex:

  • Bike Pants
  • Leggings / Longs
  • Unitards
  • Tops

You see – there is no need for boring black lycra pants with these fun and colourful prints.

Bargain Seconds

The site, Vals customised is located in New York State and has bargain 2nds for $3.00.

You nominate your size and they will send you a mystery pair of bike shorts.



The ‘Cheebra’ 

For more lycra shorts and leggings for adults and children visit their site here.


First Look – SIX30 Cycling Compression Wear | Bicycles Network Australia

You may be already know that two of the biggest names in compression wear, 2XU and Skins, both have an Aussie heritage. This “performance sportswear” comes at a price, so the Australian online retailer Velogear founded the brand SIX30 for compression gear in a more affordable price category .

Read more | First Look – SIX30 Cycling Compression Wear | Bicycles Network Australia

Bike Pants & Jersey Sale

ABC Bicycle Outlet is closing down. I noticed these Club bicycle shorts or bicycle knicks by UNO which are on sale for $15.00.

I’ve ordered from ABC previously and picked up cycling gloves two seasons ago for $5.00- which are still $5.00.


Club knicks

Club cycling knicks by UNO

UNO’s Club knicks  are identical in cut and have the same 3-dimensional (3D) CoolMax insert (chamois) as the Pro Peloton.

Both the Club and Pro Peloton are an  8-panel cut and both are made of qualityDuPont Lycra .

The difference is the Club is made of alighter Lycra , has a slightly shorter leg length, and has no leg gripper.

These 3 points allow them to be offered as entry-level knicks at a very affordable price. The Club knicks can also be worn as under knicks – under shorts, cargo pants, track suit or other loose-fitting trousers.

Available in sizes 2XS-3XL, where 2XS=28″ waist, XS=30, S=32, M=34, etc. 




Portsea short sleeve cycling jersey by UNO

Portsea  for men or women. The AirFlow material is a slightly heavier weave than UNO’s Bondi, Cairns, Grafton and Saul Pasque, but being a  wicking fabric it allows for moisture transformation from the body to keep the rider cool and dry. 

Features include:

  •  3 rear pockets;
  • a full-length zip;
  • and elasticised arm bands and waist .

The Portsea  jersey comes in 2 colours: front & back, plus underarm and shoulder panels, eg:
* red with white panels,
* yellow with black or grey,
* blue with yellow, and
* black with white.

These and other great bargain cycling clothes or bicycle wear can be purchased at ABC Bicycle Outlets.

Introducing 02Fit – Compression Wear that Wont Break the Bank

Finding good quality compression wear can be a hit and miss affair.

Some brands such as Skins and 2XU can be over $100 a piece

However 02Fit Compression wear is reasonably priced and looks great



Below is an excerpt from 02 Fitness on why they started making good quality compression wear which was under $100.00!

o2fit is Australia’s cheapest compression clothing online retailer. We are based in Perth, Western Australia and are 100% Australian owned and operated.

The three of us started o2fit with the belief that people shouldn’t have to pay over $100 to be able to use compression clothing. So we set out to find if we could get the price lower for compression clothing without reducing the quality.

We were amazed with what we found. There was no reason why compression clothing had to be above $100. There was no reason why it had to even be over $50.

You only have to watch a televised game of AFL or surf the web to work out why our competitors are so expensive. They are using your wallet to help pay for their massive advertising budgets. Plastering massive billboards on sporting ovals, hijacking websites with large banner adverts and sponsoring professional athletes adds up quickly and the only way to pay for that is to have huge profit margins.

We decided to go down a different path. We aren’t stupid – we know that a business can’t survive without revenue. But instead of only getting a small amount of people to pay a ridiculous amount for a pair of compression pants we would much rather have lots of customers paying an affordable amount. We know from experience that our product and price will speak for itself.

There are three areas which we believe set ourselves apart from the others.

  1. The first is price and quality. We are the cheapest compression clothing brand in Australia, but that doesn’t mean the quality is lower than the other products.
  2. The second thing is our approach to our customers. We are passionate about o2fit and want to see more people using compression clothing in Australia. That’s why it isn’t a chore for us to speak to our customers. If you flick us an email the reply will come from one of o2fit’s owners. We are always improving our products and adding new product lines. We do that based on your feedback. We don’t discount a comment just because it is from one individual, every bit of feedback is important to us.
  3. And finally, our approach to advertising. We know that people will recommend an affordably priced and a quality product to their friends and family. We don’t have a massive national advertising budget to get our brand known so we are relying our product and service to speak for itself. That means we can keep our product prices low and as a result more Australian will get the benefits of using compression clothing.

If you like what you see  check out their store here