What do you mean tights are not pants?

Oh no i’ve started another debate!

“Quite frankly, I find this sort of attitude disgusting. Shockingly and sadly enough, it’s not just guys that react this way, either. There are girls who hate on other girls for this. While women who fit into society’s expectations of beauty and body shape are celebrated (ie. perved on or complimented for how great their legs look in tights), those who do not are made fun of instead (“Oh my god, I can see everything! She needs to put some clothes on!”). If a woman is comfortable enough with her body to wear whatever the hell she wants, then she should be praised for her confidence, not put down because it displeases you. It may not have occurred to some, but a woman doesn’t need to please anyone but herself. To say otherwise would be to endorse the objectification of the entire female sex.”


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