Mythbusters: I Cracked the Code!

If you want to loose the fat, this article has some great pointers from Joy who is actually putting them into practice. The pictures speak for themselves. Thanks Joy for this post – “Eat Clean and Train Dirty”.


So I’m standing in line at Nutrishop to pay for a few supplements that my coach has recommended I partake in and the woman in front of me is asking the cashier to recommend a fat burner that will make her lose weight. As the conversation continues, it becomes clear what she is asking – she wants a pill that will just shed the extra pounds for her and I’m thinking “ooo I want that too!” so excitedly I await the response.. Ready? Here it is:

1. What supplements can I take to lose weight?

It’s this magic pill that you can’t purchase from fantasyland. lol All kidding aside, supplements are designed to “supplement” (get it?) and amplify your results. That means that you can take something to help you while you (1) put in the work and (2) follow a clean and healthy diet. Muscles are built as a result…

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