Pole Dancing – Strike one!!!

Have to add pole dancing to the sports you can do in Lycra. Personally its not for me – but if you can do it – why not!


I know the anticipation to hear how badly the pole dancing went is HUGE, but lads it couldn’t have gone worse!!! Well actually it could have…….. I could be in hospital with a split head so I’ll take solace that I didn’t get any injuries!!! 

After all my bitching and moaning at mid day I didn’t think my day could get any worse, HA think again!! I had one of those afternoons when my arse only saw the front seat of the car between pick ups, drops, rescuing stolen hurleys (don’t ask!!!)!! Anyway I tore in home with 10 minutes to spare, started stripping on the stairs (see I don’t actually need a pole!!) and as I hopped around my room into my skimpy lycra I shouted instructions to the au pair (who I know wasn’t even listening!).

But by the time I was back in the car on my…

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