Gym Bunny…….zzzzzz!


WHY can’t running be flipping straightforward??? Why can’t it be…. stick on the runners, pour yourself into some lycra and just go??? Surely be to God everyone can just move the old legs a bit faster than a walk and Bob’s your uncle!!! And away with you! I’m SICK to the back teeth of pulled muscles, physio (sorry Gorgeous Kate!!), needles and even more so that bloody fecking cross trainer!!!

When we moved back from London years ago Ironman decided we needed to have some form of fitness machine in the house (???)! Now this was WAY before he got struck with his midlife fitness crisis so he must have had an outer (couch potato) body experience when he decided we needed an indoor one piece gym!! He lobbied very hard for a rowing machine while I stonewalled with a treadmill request and so we agreed to disagree and he went…

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