The Power of Women In Spandex

The Power of Women In Spandex– TPOWIS , is a great site for those that love to get some idea of what people can wear working out.

There is also a discussion board for those who enjoy wearing lycra and finding like mind lycra enthusiasts.

Next time you are thinking of creating an 1980 aerobics outfit, TPOWIS has lots of advertising and other scanned magazines of lycra exercise wear, unitards, vintage lycra leotards, vintage unitards, videos and other great lycra and spandex pictures.

The workout section has some great pictures of women working out in leotards, tights, unitards and a few other combinations. There are also a few pictures which feature male leotards and unitards, which were once a common place sight in the 1970’s and the 1980’s.

Check out The Power Of Women In Spandex site it’s worth a look.



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