Just Do It.

i Think this quote sums up the whole lose it in lycra attitude nicely:

“Nike continues to produce high-quality products that look just as good as they perform, and I say this as a former collegiate athlete. I refused to step on court without Nike mid-high socks and Nike Pro Combat spandex because when your feet or groin are irritated or chafing, I guarantee you will not perform optimally. After literally countless hours of gruesome training, you deserve to put yourself in the best position to win once game day rolls around.”

Lose the chafe – love the lycra! Thanks Mala and blogger Awkjock for this post.


Reebok Mens Crossfit Compression Tight

Reebok Crossfit Stride Feather Jacket


Nike Cross Fit Stride Feather Jacket – Running inspired durable ripstop lightweight jacket features a water resistant shell fabric that helps repel the outdoor elements. Self bound internal seams provide super clean interior finish. Micro mesh vents at underarm and sleeve for breathability.

Reebok Mens CrossFit Compression Tights


I just stumbled across this Mens Cross Fit Compression tight made by Reebok. 

These two pieces would look the part at any gym or workout!

The Reebok Men’s CrossFit Compression Tights feature PlayIce fabric technology which uses ventilation, moisture management and fabric construction to help aid the release of heat. Antimicrobial fabrication and stretch flatlock seams further enhance long-lasting comfort, even for the toughest workout.

Fabric: 73% polyester, 27% elastane tricot
PlayIce fabric technology offers enhanced ventilation and moisture release
Antimicrobial fabrication keeps you feeling fresher for longer
Stretch flatlock seams offer chafe-free comfort
Mesh gusset and knee panels for enhanced range of motion

Having tried compression tights with the gusset (support for guys), I think the gusset is useful in activities which you are moving around a fair bit, such as cardio workouts etc.

I’m interested in how many men (apart from me) would wear these cool compression tights.

There seems to be a trend away from black and boring compression tights. As seen in my earlier post, womens compression tight fashion is a lot more interesting, whilst the men are too scared to buy compression pants that have a colour or designs.

I think the right mix of support and compression is also vital, and not being familiar with the PlayIce fabric technology, I wonder how it compares to the likes of the Brooks Dri-Fit wicking technology and also the type of technology used in the antimicrobrial fabrication (how is this done?).

According to one review on the Reebok site, they run small and are a little tight, which has been my experience with some Brooks Running Tights I bought some time ago (although I think it was my chub that was the problem – not the tights).

If you’ve bought a pair of these tights, let us know what they were like and whether you would recommend them.

Blockout Lycra Shorts and Tights Ozsale

Blockout Activewear, which sells lycra shorts, lycra pants, and lycra compression tights is now being featured on the Australian discount site, http://www.ozsale.com.au. They regularly have swimwear, activewear as well as sporting equipment which is name brand and sold for less than retail. You need to register, but its free to join.

The gallery of activewear below, consists of lycra shorts, which have various compositions of lycra, polyester and spandex. If you missed the ozsale promotion, you can also buy them directly from Blockout Activewear, and if you spend more than $100.00, you can get $20 of your order (current at time of writing).

About Blockout Activewear

Blockout clothing is a 20 year old fashion house that has been releasing fashion forward trends which boost a high level of quality Australian made garments. The Blockout girl has style and follows trends and knows what looks good. Blockout creates their garments using the very best of fabrics. The Blockout Activewear Range is for the girl who loves to get fit and look amazing. Absolute comfort without compromising style.

Mythbusters: I Cracked the Code!

If you want to loose the fat, this article has some great pointers from Joy who is actually putting them into practice. The pictures speak for themselves. Thanks Joy for this post – “Eat Clean and Train Dirty”.


So I’m standing in line at Nutrishop to pay for a few supplements that my coach has recommended I partake in and the woman in front of me is asking the cashier to recommend a fat burner that will make her lose weight. As the conversation continues, it becomes clear what she is asking – she wants a pill that will just shed the extra pounds for her and I’m thinking “ooo I want that too!” so excitedly I await the response.. Ready? Here it is:

1. What supplements can I take to lose weight?

It’s this magic pill that you can’t purchase from fantasyland. lol All kidding aside, supplements are designed to “supplement” (get it?) and amplify your results. That means that you can take something to help you while you (1) put in the work and (2) follow a clean and healthy diet. Muscles are built as a result…

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Kiana Tom – Ab & Core Workout

I must say I am a huge fan of Kiana Tom.

Kiana is a regular Lose It In Lycra afficionado, sporting lycra leotards, lycra shorts, unitards, briefs and crop tops from the 1990’s to today.

This video taken from her Flex Time morning exercise show, in the 1990’s.

This video runs for 10 minutes and highlights some common exercises you can do at the gym to improve your core and abs.

Some useful tips, outlined in the video:

  • Start slowly
  • Work your way up in the weights,
  • Learning the correct form for the exercise you are doing
  • Don’t forget to cool down and stretch

My number one goal is to avoid injury – so its not uncommon that I start off really slowly, support my wrist and strap it up so as not to aggravate a previous wrist injury.

We hope you have a happy workout you lose it in lycra!

Track N Field Lycra Compression Tights

Mens Track N Field Compression Tights

Mens Track N Field Compression Tights

Womens Compression Tights

Womens Track N Field Compression Tights

I just noticed these lycra compression tights for men and lycra compression shorts for women.

Enhance performance potential with compression technology. The most important technical features are that the material is sweat wicking and has flat lock seams. The net benefit here is that it reduces chaffing, and provides added movement and support.

According to the Scoo

pon site:

Creating quality sporting apparel for over 30 years, Track n Field are really bringing it today with this hand-picked selection of compression gear. Comfortable, lightweight & offering full flexibility and support along with moisture-wicking properties. These are sure to get you performing at your best!


  • Track n Field apparel
  • Style: Full length tights
  • For men & women
  • Colour: Black with grey detail
  • Flat lock seams to provide freedom of movement & support
  • Body moulded to provide support & muscle definition
  • Heat seal logos to minimise irritation
  • Soft handle, comfortable & lightweight
  • Reflective detail for night-time exercise
  • Moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool & dry
  • Reduces chaffing & skin irritation while training
  • Perfect for any sport or training session!
  • Materials: 82% microfibre, 18% elastane

Technical details

  • Track n Field apparel
  • Style: Full length tights
  • For men
  • Colour: Black with grey detail
  • Flat lock seams to provide freedom of movement & support
  • Body moulded to provide support & muscle definition
  • Heat seal logos to minimise irritation
  • Soft handle, comfortable & lightweight
  • Reflective detail for night-time exercise
  • Moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool & dry
  • Reduces chaffing & skin irritation while training
  • Perfect for any sport or training session!
  • Materials: 82% microfibre, 18% elastane

Whilst these lycra compression tights look great, why is it that womens fashion generally is more colourful and men generally get the boring option of black, navy or red (occassionally). I suppose it might be the case the men are generally not buying more colorful designs.

So you heard it here first, guys and girls we need more colorful lycra so we don’t die of boredom whilst exercising.

Oooo she’s got a nice back – said no one ever

Excellent back definition and nice set of lycra gym shorts and lycra bra top.


Ladies listen up, everyone should have a nice back. Not just that junk in the trunk back, the other back, your real back haha

Here’s my workout for today, try it!

  • Single arm dumbbell row
  • Bent over reverse dumbbell fly
  • Wide cable high row
  • Close grip cable lat pull down
  • Seated cable row
  • Bent over barbell row
  • Barbell deadlift
  • Assisted pull ups
  • Machine plate loaded pull down
  • Landmine row

Give it a try – bring that sexy back… back.


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Let the Journey Begin!

Great effort here. Discipline and committment! Plus you get to lose it in lycra!


Welcome to my blog and first post!

I’ve always been into fitness and competition. I was a gymnast for 12 years and since then, i’ve become a personal trainer, ran 2 marathons (completed 1), 3 half marathons, a couple of warrior dashes and countless 5ks. I also played every intramural sport possible in college.

I’ve always loved being in something competitive and pushing myself, but even after everything i’ve tried, I haven’t found my “niche”. I miss competing and miss doing something I can just kick ass in as far as training and competition.

This series of posts over the next couple months will mostly revolve around my newest adventure…. I’ve decided to enter in a NPC bikini competition.


This isn’t me….. but that’s the kind of transformation we’re lookin’ at here. Its May 10th in Tulsa, Oklahoma and its called “Battle of the Bodies” I know its crazy. Basically…

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Mothers Day Classic 2014 Australia

The 2014 Mothers Day Classic Is Coming

Running for a cause | The Satellite.

The 2014 Mothers Day Classic on Sunday 11 May 2014. Its a good event to train for and you can lose it in lycra or decide even to wear a tutu as some participants often do.

The event aims to fundraise and remind the community that breast cancer:

The Mother’s Day Classic walk or run for breast cancer research was established in 1998 by Women in Super. It started from modest beginnings as a walk in the park and has grown into a major national community event.

Its purpose is to raise money for National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) research programs and awareness of breast cancer in the community.

The founding organisers are Mavis Robertson, Former National Chair of Women in Super and Louise Davidson, National Chair, Mother’s Day Classic.

The idea for the Mother’s Day Classic came from Mavis Robertson when she saw a similar event overseas. She came back from her trip and spoke to Women in Super about organising an event in Australia.

Three years earlier, Louise Davidson had lost her mother to breast cancer at the age of 52. Louise had cared and supported her mother through her two-year battle with breast cancer. So when Mavis spoke about the event and raising money for breast cancer research, Louise knew that Women in Super could take the idea and make it a reality.

With no experience but lots of enthusiasm and dedication, a Women in Super volunteer committee was established in Melbourne and Sydney and the first event was held in both cities in 1998.

The Mother’s Day Classic ran in Melbourne and Sydney for six years before other capital cities started to join in. Then Women in Super volunteers established Mother’s Day Classic committees with volunteers from the superannuation industry helping to drive participation, sponsorship and promotion in each city. The committees also work with event management companies in the 10 cities across Australia.

The Mother’s Day Classic also works closely with the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The money raised by the Mother’s Day Classic supports quality and cutting edge research across Australia.

From the inaugural events in Melbourne and Sydney which attracted approximately 3,200 people the event has now become an integral part of Mother’s Day morning for more than 125,000 Australians who enjoy getting up early to walk or run and raise money for breast cancer research. It has become a morning of activity and entertainment for families, schools, universities, corporate teams, runners and anyone who enjoys sharing activity on Mother’s Day morning. The event also brings together people who are living with breast cancer or know someone who has been affected by, or lost someone to breast cancer. It is a time to remember, pay tribute and celebrate their lives and their strength.

In 2013, a record 130,000 people across Australia ran or walked in a Mother’s Day Classic event in eleven cities and 63 regional locations. Participants and fundraisers raised $5 million for National Breast Cancer Foundation research programs – the highest amount of funds in the event’s sixteen year history.

Participation in the city events ranges from 1400 in Darwin to 44,000 in Melbourne. Regional events range from 65 people to 3,000 people.

In October 2009, Her Excellency, the Governor General, Quentin Bryce, agreed to become patron of the Mother’s Day Classic.

Since 1998, the Mother’s Day Classic has raised $19.8 million for National Breast Cancer Foundation research programs.

The success of the Mother’s Day Classic is due to the hard work and commitment of volunteers across the country who are willing to work together and go the extra mile for a cause that affects so many lives – breast cancer.

So there will be a huge amount of pink tshirts and pink lycra and its all for a good cause. To register or fundraise visit Mothers Day Classic.

See below for some pictures from 2013.

Running for a cause | The Satellite